Thursday, March 9, 2017

Morning Ladies! 
As we worked on our prayer journals Tuesday night, I was telling you guys about this web page I found! Her blog is awesome! Here is the link for the blog and you can sign up and have access to her stuff. Not to mention all of the FREE stuff she gives you to help you learn to journal! Love you all!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sisters of Faith, Rooted by Faith, United by Sisterhood.

Sisters of Faith... Who are we?

What does Sisters of Faith Do?

Sisters in Faith is a group of ladies that  desire to see our congregation of women, of all ages unite. We are  a group of women that are committed to helping, nurturing and encouraging other women. We believe that the woman bears a significant burden for her household and their spiritual well being. 

In  addition, we believe that women should encourage and strengthen each other. We should pray for one  another, guide and teach one another so that we may all grow closer to The Lord.  

All adult women are encouraged to come to our meet and greet which will be a great time of brainstorming!  We will have several different groups that will be  meeting and organizing. 
Throughout the year, Sisters of Faith will meet, fellowship, and just enjoy a special time together.  We would like to express that women of ALL ages are welcome. We are sisters in Christ and we love to spend time with all different ages, and walks. All women, grounded by our faith and united by our sisterhood. Hope to see you there.  

If you have questions, or you feel that The Lord has Called you into Women’s Ministry, please email Mary Garrison at: